What's in the toolkit?

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    1. Acknowledgement of Country

    2. Welcome to VicSRC's Student Representative Team Toolkit!

    3. Toolkit overview

    4. What is an SRT?

    1. Ice breakers

    2. Group agreement

    3. Find your why

    4. Be inspired

    5. Skill builder: having meetings

    6. Checking in

    1. Planning your year

    2. ALTER model of student-led action

    3. ALTER in real life

    4. Ask: who

    5. Ask: how

    6. Listen

    7. Think

    8. Enact

    9. Reflect

    10. Submit your reflection

    11. Feedback survey

    1. Real life examples overview

    2. Every student is a leader at Tecoma Primary School

    3. Lalor East Primary School's Cyber Action Team

    4. Composting with ALTER at Knox Park Primary School

    5. Canterbury Primary School's student parliament

    6. Kilmore Primary School's Student Action Team

    7. Coatesville Primary School's Student Representative Council

    8. Clifton Springs Primary School's Student Representative Council

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What is a Student Representative Team?

Most schools have some sort of student organisation - it might be called a Student Representative Council, Student Voice Team, Student Action Team or simply Student Leaders. We use the name Student Representative Team (SRT for short) to refer to any and all of these.

About VicSRC

This toolkit is developed and maintained by Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC). VicSRC was created by school-aged students to be a voice for students at the highest levels of decision making in Victoria, Australia. It exists to empower all student voices to be valued in every aspect of education.

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